Educating Smiling Children (ESC) is an NGO that has been operating in Cambodia for more than 13 years, with the mission of providing a school curriculum for disadvantaged children in Cambodia.

ESC currently manages 10 kindergartens (3 to 6 years old), 1 primary school (6 to 14 years old), 1 tutoring centre, 3 computer centres, for a total of 950 children.

ESC funds

  • The salary of 18 professors
  • Construction and maintenance of school buildings.
  • The supply of school supplies: two uniforms per year, a backpack, notebooks, books, pencils, slates.
  • An annual medical check-up for all.
  • Bicycles for the best students

To ensure better integration and the possibility for students to change schools, teaching is only provided by Khmer state-certified teachers and follows the official curriculum.

At the end of the school year, the top 5 students in each class receive a bicycle that will often allow them to continue their education in a nearby public school.

Latrines sans Frontières (LSF) is an annex project that aims to improve the sanitary conditions in which students live, since 2007 we have been building and maintaining:

  • 38 latrines
  • 4 water towers
  • 9 wells (boreholes & pumps)

We also provide students with basic hygiene equipment, soap, toothbrushes.

All our actions are carried out with the explicit approval of national (Department of Education of Cambodia) and local authorities: village chief, regional public administration.
Licence issued by the Ministry of Education of Cambodia.


February 2020 : Traditionnal danse lesson in Siem Reap

This year we have a new activity for our students in Siem Reap, they learn traditionnal Khmer dancing with Ms Sok Kam

November 30, 2019 : Uniforms distribution in Siem Reap

We have organized a distribution of uniforms for all the students of our school in Siem Reap

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02 April 2019 : Khmer New Year’s Eve

On the occasion of the Khmer New Year we organized a celebration in our school in Kep.
A good meal, games and above all lots of smiles and good mood