Our schools, students, teachers and projects

Khmer traditionnal danse lessons in Siem Reap

This year Ms Sok Kam teaches Khmer traditionnal danses to our students in Siem Reap

Patty's School

Patty’s School is a small Educating Smiling Children school located near Angkor Wat temple.
Two kindergartens provide elementary education to the children of the village.
Named after our dearest Patrizzia, who generously supported us and passed away last year.

Bicycle distribution

On the occasion of the start of the school year, Educating Smiling Children distributed bicycles for students at a Siem Reap school, an action sponsored by the Siem Reap A La Carte travel agency

End of school year 2018-2019

The end of the school year is always a big day, with prizes, games and a meal.

Khmer New Year in our Kep school

On the occasion of the new and Khmer we organized a celebration in our school in Kep.
A good meal, games and above all lots of smiles and good mood

Uniforms distribution

Every school year we distribute uniforms free of charge to all our students

Séance de dessin dans notre école de Kep

Le développement artistique fait partie du cursus éducatif de nos écoles et certains de nos élèves sont de vrai artistes en herbe.