Educating Smiling Children (ESC) is an NGO that has been operating in Cambodia for more than 13 years, with the mission of providing a school curriculum for disadvantaged children in Cambodia.

ESC currently manages 10 kindergartens (3 to 6 years old), 1 primary school (6 to 14 years old), 1 tutoring centre, 3 computer centres, for a total of 950 children.

ESC funds

  • The salary of 18 professors
  • Construction and maintenance of school buildings.
  • The supply of school supplies: two uniforms per year, a backpack, notebooks, books, pencils, slates.
  • An annual medical check-up for all.
  • Bicycles for the best students

To ensure better integration and the possibility for students to change schools, teaching is only provided by Khmer state-certified teachers and follows the official curriculum.

At the end of the school year, the top 5 students in each class receive a bicycle that will often allow them to continue their education in a nearby public school.

Latrines sans Frontières (LSF) is an annex project that aims to improve the sanitary conditions in which students live, since 2007 we have been building and maintaining:

  • 38 latrines
  • 4 water towers
  • 9 wells (boreholes & pumps)

We also provide students with basic hygiene equipment, soap, toothbrushes.

All our actions are carried out with the explicit approval of national (Department of Education of Cambodia) and local authorities: village chief, regional public administration.
Licence issued by the Ministry of Education of Cambodia.


Traditional khmer dance lessons for our kids in Siem Reap

Beautiful video of our students learning traditional khmer dances with Ms Luong Sok Kam (87yr old).
This is a typical teaching from khmer dance teachers where the students learn stretching and body control from a very young age. The corpus is made of classical and folkloric dances.
About 40 students attend the course twice a week.
Video Credits : Patrick Kersalé & Tuk Tuk TV

Visit from the new french consulate

The new french consulate visited us at Patty’s School located in Siem Reap

Helmets giveaway

January 2021. Wearing a helmet is becoming more and more common for adults, notably with the help of better law enforcement. It is still a very different thing for children, as it is very commonplace to see kids on a motorbike without any helmet or protections.
In January 2021 ESC gave away 282 helmets specifically sized for children. The idea is not only to improve the safety for 282 students but also to help raise awareness in the communities.

February 2020 : Traditionnal danse lesson in Siem Reap

This year we have a new activity for our students in Siem Reap, they learn traditionnal Khmer dancing with Ms Sok Kam

November 30, 2019 : Uniforms distribution in Siem Reap

We have organized a distribution of uniforms for all the students of our school in Siem Reap

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02 April 2019 : Khmer New Year’s Eve

On the occasion of the Khmer New Year we organized a celebration in our school in Kep.
A good meal, games and above all lots of smiles and good mood